About Bree Nguyen

Internet Marketing Professional building product and personal brands from inception to fruition. Generating meaningful web traffic through brand building, advertising and social marketing which drives sales.

I have been on the Internet since as long as I can remember. I moved to Los Angeles from San Diego when I was 16 and 3 months later I was contracting my services out to the entertainment industry building communities around artists and brands and creating an active audience online (so much for that college thing).

I helped artists and personalities define their brand, establish that brand and ultimately promote their brand through fan/consumer engagement before there were any engagement tools available. In my past, I have worked at record labels like Maverick Records, Hollywood Records (Disney) and Warner Bros. Records developing artist brands online and building communities around artists to drive sales and demand. Results in sales is what defines my campaigns.

I have also worked at technology companies and startups like Rent.com in Business Development managing traffic acquisition through partners and SEM. Rent.com was purchased by eBay for $433m in 2005. Currently, I have joined my former colleagues and friends from Rent.com at a technology start up called CampusExplorer.com which is a complete directory of schools in post secondary education. CampusExplorer.com is backed by Jim Andelman, OCA Ventures and Vicente Capital. CampusExplorer.com specializes in recruitment services for schools and I manage all traffic acquisition strategies including business development, search marketing and display advertising and I’m also the only one that knows how to connect the wireless printer to Windows computers (those lovable Ubuntu/Linux loving tech guys have nothing up on me!;).

I am most interested in consumer engagement online, building communities online, startups, venture capital and technology companies in general. I always have several projects at once happening and this site recounts my past projects and provides updates on my current projects. Hopefully we get to work together one day!


You can read more about my current and past projects here on this site. Below is just a snapshot of some of the things I have done and what I am working on now.

In Santorini, Greece

Check out my LinkedIn Profile here if you want to see my full resume. You can contact me at bree [at] onetwobree.com

Current Projects:


Senior Director of Marketing at CampusExplorer.com where I am responsible for traffic acquisition including managing all search engine marketing efforts, affiliate marketing and partner development.

Some of My Past Projects Include:

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

One of the stars of High School Musical, I led the charge for all of Ashley’s online marketing and community building around her record release in 2007. Ashley’s album debuted in the Billboard Charts in the Top 5 with no mainstream media support (No television or radio). Ashley is a Warner Bros. Records artist.

The Veronicas

The Veronicas

The Veronicas, hailing from Brisbane, Australia, are now international superstars. When I started this project in 2005, they were unknown and still in the studio finishing their first album. I led the charge in a long term grassroots marketing and branding campaign building an online fan base worldwide of hundreds of thousands. Their single “Hook Me Up” recently went Platinum (1,000,000 sold) in the US with limited mainstream media support. The Veronicas are a Warner Bros. Records artist.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I was part of the team that created and executed the Red Hot Chili Peppers re-branding and marketing campaign for the “Stadium Arcadium” album release. Some of the goals included creating “buzz” and excitement around the album well in advance of release and introducing the band to a teen audience during a tween, pop, “High School Musical” era, and most of whom had never been exposed to the band before.

Linkin Park

Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight Release

Talib Kweli - Eardrum

Talib Kweli – Eardrum

Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch

I started working with Michelle while she was completing her first studio album in 2001. We built a community online together from scratch during a time when pop groups like Britney Spears and *NSYNC ruled the charts. We branded her as the rebel with a guitar. We developed custom software applications for her community, experimented with new technologies and new marketing ideas, re-branded her 2 or 3 times during her still illustrious career, and has sold over 6 million records. I worked with Michelle for over 7 years at Maverick Records and later at Warner Bros. Records and will always be one of the most personal and passionate projects I’ve ever worked on. I still run into fans that I met during my time running Michelle’s community marketing who are some of the nicest and most dedicated people I’ve ever met.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

I worked with Mariah in 1999 and 2000 for her “Rainbow” album. The goal was to start establishing her brand online (she had a one page website and that is it) and to build a community to help support her singles on MTV’s Total Request Live and Radio which in turn (back in those days) supported sales. I worked directly with Mariah and Columbia Records to develop a plan to round up the community and market TRL support. The first single I worked on was called “Can’t Take That Away” and it was Mariah’s first ever TRL video debut, debuting at #5.

Other Artists and Tours Include:

BBMak – “Into Your Head” release
Madonna – “American Life” and “Confessions On A Dance Floor”
Paris Hilton – “Paris” album release
Warped Tour
Jessi Malay
The Spill Canvas
Armor For Sleep
HIM – “Dark Light” and “Venus Doom”
Neil Young – “Living With War”
Alanis Morissette
E-40 – “My Ghetto Report Card”
Fort Minor
Idina Menzel
Taking Back Sunday
Tyler Hilton
*NSYNC – “No Strings Attached”
Chris Kirkpatrick of *NSYNC